Courageously Prevail

Easy Emergency Incident Planning and Briefing for Everyone

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Have you been in a position when a crisis occurred and you were the one responsible for leading people through the incident? Have you already faced a challenging emergency and led your people successfully but, realize there was some luck on your side and room for improvement. As a leader, does the topic of emergencies, incidents and crisis cause you anxiety?

For some, the thought of leading people through an emergency incident or crisis is daunting and causes anxiety. During the actual incident, leaders will be challenged, stressed, indecisive, overwhelmed, etc.

I remember the day at work when we received a bomb threat for our building. Not only was this my first dealing with an incident of this magnitude, but this was the first time people were looking to me to lead people through this incident. I didn’t have a method for planing and mostly reacted to problems and issues as they arose. I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. I did not have good accountability of personnel assisting with this incident. As other leadership began to assist, they were asking questions of what I was doing and it made things even more chaotic. People that were assisting were a bit confused about what they needed to do. Some staff were just standing around, waiting for direction.

Ultimately, with a little luck, the incident concluded successfully and by textbook standards, but there was a lot of room for improvement. The improvements could be:

1. More effective and efficient decisions, 2. Better overall accountability of personnel and equipment, 3. Conduct formal briefing to get everyone working toward common goals, 4. Allowing others to provide timely and pertinent input and suggestions, 5. Improving my organization, 6. Increases in my confidence!

This book is designed to prepare you to handle the next crisis with absolute confidence! The provided information is not complex, easy to understand and learn and ultimately implement. I want you to be able to digest the information and feel able to successfully lead through uncertain incidents. The information can be applied to any type of crisis or emergency incident, regardless of size, length, complexity, or familiarity. This book gets right to the point and is not filled with a bunch of nonsense. I am not looking to provide long winded stories, research, etc. I want to put the tools in your hands quickly! Even if you have some experience with responding, planning and briefing responses to emergency situations, this book will provide some room for enhancement.

Jason Travis has a background in military and public safety service. Jason has attended and certified in numerous technical and tactical emergency response classes and programs. He has researched and trained in the art of incident response. Jason has lead people through and briefed numerous emergency incidents and tactical operations. He has also trained and continues to train numerous people in emergency incident response and operations planning and briefing. Jason is using all of my experience to teach you how to implement the specific tools that will increase your confidence and leverage your likelihood of a successful outcome. Your confidence will also trickle down to the people you lead and they will also be more confident and determined.

This book is for anyone and everyone! Being prepared for a crisis takes forethought, dedication, practice, planning, and skills to be effective. It is not a matter of “if,” but “when,” you are faced with an emergency incident, will you be prepared? This book will provide  a huge return for a small investment.

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Jason Matthew Travis

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