Domain-Driven Design in PHP

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Descripción editorial

Real examples written in PHP showcasing DDD Architectural Styles, Tactical Design, and Bounded Context Integration

About This Book

• Focuses on practical code rather than theory
• Full of real-world examples that you can apply to your own projects
• Shows how to build PHP apps using DDD principles

Who This Book Is For

This book is for PHP developers who want to apply a DDD mindset to their code. You should have a good understanding of PHP and some knowledge of DDD. This book doesn't dwell on the theory, but instead gives you the code that you need.

What You Will Learn

• Correctly design all design elements of Domain-Driven Design with PHP
• Learn all tactical patterns to achieve a fully worked-out Domain-Driven Design
• Apply hexagonal architecture within your application
• Integrate bounded contexts in your applications
• Use REST and Messaging approaches

In Detail

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) has arrived in the PHP community, but for all the talk, there is very little real code. Without being in a training session and with no PHP real examples, learning DDD can be challenging. This book changes all that. It details how to implement tactical DDD patterns and gives full examples of topics such as integrating Bounded Contexts with REST, and DDD messaging strategies. In this book, the authors show you, with tons of details and examples, how to properly design Entities, Value Objects, Services, Domain Events, Aggregates, Factories, Repositories, Services, and Application Services with PHP. They show how to apply Hexagonal Architecture within your application whether you use an open source framework or your own.

Style and approach

This highly practical book shows developers how to apply domain-driven design principles to PHP. It is full of solid code examples to work through.

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14 de junio
Packt Publishing
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