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The plan was foolproof (it is not a typo). She brought the dress. He surprised her with the ring. The wedding date was set. Counseling was over. They were going to Paris to take the honey to the moon. Is marriage roses, rings, cars, and things? Marriage requires a strong foundation to withstand the storms and process the problems through.

Relationships take a lot of effort. You must arm yourself. Be willing to add application and cultivate your partner to be successful. Cook up some good ingredients with your partnerlove, time, patience, respect, sharing, giving, peace, forgiveness, honesty, commitment, support, laughter, security, and prayer.

The question is, what are you going to do? Paul said in the book of Romans, Marriage has its own troubles. If youre married, it came with issues. Some people are very difficult to deal with as an individual. Do not be fooled. If love remains and the person is willing, love can still conquer within the distorted pain.

Who will enjoy Valentines with me? I used to get flowers on my anniversary. I dont have to figure out if we will spend Thanksgiving at his parents or Christmas at my familys.

I saw the movie Fireproof on July 28, 2014. This powerful movie is another learning tool about relationships and committing to love under the contract of Gods Word. If you are married, engaged, separated, single, and entertaining the thought of divorce, please see it.

Have you been told I dont love you anymore? We tend to think of relationships as being glass proof. We have heard of the term fireproof, glass-proof, and waterproof. However, are there relationship-proofs? If something is fireproof or waterproof, nothing can penetrate it. Gods original plan was foolproof. Man did things his way, and thus, it became foul-proof. Turning his plans against God only left him foolish.

The man pops the question. The monies are saved for the big day, expecting everything to be perfect. I own a safe and a waterproof watch. The contents inside are supposed to be protected from what may happen on the outside. If there is water or a fire, the contents may be safe. However, if there is an earthquake, the inside and outside would be destroyed.

I heard the definition of the word covenant and contract. It really shed light on the meaning of those words, as I had never heard before. Do you think you know the difference? Can something last forever? Before you answer these questions, you need to dive into this book that will help identify destructive behaviors as we pull away some layers to further support our passion for wholesome relationships, concerning how to best formulate the opportunity to enjoy and experience relationships as they evolve and form.

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