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This book is written for parents, teachers, administrators, psychologists, and those who have or know someone with a learning disability. My husband and I became heavily involved with the subject of learning disabilities although we were in denial for quite some time, not wanting to believe our children have disabilities. We have three sons and each has some sort of learning disability. We were not familiar with nor did we understand the mindset of society and the school systems that our sons ultimately would have to deal with throughout their lives.
We worked hard to learn as much as we could about the disabilities and received great help from physicians, psychologists, teachers, and other professionals in the business (i.e. speech therapists, occupational therapists) that cared. These people understood the laws and how to advocate for the parents, support groups like LDA (Learning Disabilities Association), and friends with similar situations.
We spent countless hours and many dollars getting our children educated. Many times we wanted to give up, thinking it was too hard to fight for an education for our children. There is prejudice and discrimination in the school systems, and there is still a stigma against those with learning disabilities. They are referred to as “that classroom” or “you special ed kids”.
It was worth the hard work and effort to help my children become the great adults that they are today. They are hard workers and well liked. They have learned to cope with their disabilities and are able to function in today’s world.
Our hope is that this book will provide some insight as to what concepts and processes worked for us and which ones didn’t. We hope you find something helpful within these pages. I am not suggesting our story is all encompassing, and nothing in this book should be thought of as legal advice. However, if only one other child can be helped by some of the information in this book, it will be well worth the experience it took to get here.

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