Manipulation and You : Give Your Emotional Intelligence A Boost by Knowing The Techniques and Psychology of Manipulative People

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If you find yourself stuck in an emotionally manipulative relationship and want to free yourself from the mind games, then keep reading.

Do you feel that crushing sense of guilt and responsibility whenever you come away from arguments with the covert aggressor? Or how you feel like having to tip-toe carefully around your partner for fear of setting them off?

Follow your gut and pin point what is actually happening! Manipulative people have taken root in your life and now it is time to remove those shackles they have on you!

In Manipulation and You, simple and easy strategies will be handed to you so that you can definitively cope and manage the manipulation in your life!
Learn to handle the intensity of conviction from manipulators and use these two tricks to banish any self-doubt that they may plant into you.Excuse making, rationalization and many more manipulation tactics commonly used and how you can cope with them.The Why of Manipulation. Know the motivations and psychology so that you have an inside scope on dealing with manipulators.How to avoid therapy trauma and focus on getting better changes by practicing these strategies unveiled in the book!How to safeguard yourself from anxiety, depression and insecurity with these 7 stepsHow you don't have to rush to judge manipulators but yet still remain free from their influence with this one practice for self-empowerment!
Stop the Gas-lighting and the impact of unfounded guilt on your emotional psyche! You know you are better than that and deserve much much more!

Manipulation is present and can be found across cultures and cuts across socio-economic backgrounds. You can take the step out toward freeing yourself from its undue influence and regaining the balance of life.

Peace of mind and quality ,anxiety-free living have always been what you should be enjoying. Handle manipulation and click the buy now button to free yourself from the mind games!

Salud, mente y cuerpo
26 de octubre
Millenia Publishing
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