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Everything is falling apart in Sally's life. She loses her family, then her job, her home, and then, she loses everything she owns. So, nobody can blame her for being careless and trusting her doctor to know what's best when he gives her a bunch of forms to sign.

Suddenly, she finds herself in the grasp of a Werewolf Alpha and a Vampire King, the two powerful men intent on claiming her as their own. She doesn't understand why they would want to wrap her up in a tight little onesie and kiss and cuddle her for hours, but it really does feel very good, especially after all she's been through.

The longer she spends with them, the more she feels like she's two instead of eighteen, but they want to do a lot more than cuddle her.


"It'll only sting for a little bit," he says. "Do you want a lollipop?"

Her mouth already feels too sweet from all the candy she's been given since she walked in here. She takes too long to answer and he reaches into his desk drawer and offers her one of those low-sugar, gluten-free lollipops she's seen in health markets for two-fifty a pop. Curiosity takes over and she takes one but she clutches it in her hand instead of eating it.

"Good girl," he says. "I'll be right back. In the meantime, I want you to look through these papers and sign them for me," he says with a depreciating smile that suggests he doesn't enjoy this as much as she does. 

In hindsight, she really should have read the small print before signing everything. 

Ficción y literatura
marzo 11
A. B. Darling Little
Draft2Digital, LLC

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