The Amazing Allen

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Descripción editorial

The Amazing Allen is a story about a boy that finds a stone when he is four years old in California fishing with his dad. He hangs the Stone on the wall in his room and finally starts wearing it when he is eleven.

Allen is given a box of magic tricks at a moving sale not far from his house. He brings it home and most of the tricks are easily preformed and easy to figure out how they are done.

While he is trying to work the magic tricks the stone already having changed him he is given the ability to read minds and make objects appear and disappear at will. He has total control over inanimate objects and over most but not all people. His small act at birthday parties turns into larger events and more money. Thus the billing the Amazing Allen.

Allen has a friend, Jim Henry, that lives next door and his mother and father both neglect him and Allen and his dad almost adopt him. Jim Henry is not a bright and shining star but Allen helps him with his home work and he gets by.

Jim Henry starts playing football in the ninth grade and is just a passable player. Allen makes him into the star player he wants to be and they both attend the University of Florida and Jim Henry continues to be a star player with Allen’s help.

Allen has entirely too much time on his hands and finally decides he can catch the rapist killer that is targeting the girls at the University. He eventually does but it was not as easy as he first anticipated. The Stone is a great help but it didn’t come with an instruction book and he is a while figuring it out.

Then he branches out and helps an FBI agent that is trying to find a bomber in New York and during his occupying his mind he has a déjà vu experience and sees the bomber planting the bombs. The agent sees the bomber also. He realizes someone or something is in his head and he asks for his help.

Allen agrees mostly because now he can let the agent know what he finds out and he can figure a way to use it. Allen has trouble with his first two cases in getting the authorities the information he has.

The stone does not make him invincible he is subject to being shot or stabbed just like anyone else. When he is in someone else’s mind if he is not in sight of his body his body is defenseless. He finds this out on one of his outings and then has to take special care of his body when he is away from it.

But he cannot stop using the stone’s power. He has become addicted to it and needs it just like food, water or air. It has become a part of who he is and what he is. He is also making way to much money on the stock market and doing his Illusions to become just another normal person.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
14 de julio
Frank Kitchens
Draft2Digital, LLC

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