The Gospel: Learn About The Universal Offer Of The Gospel

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LIMITED ATONEMENT & THE UNIVERSAL OFFER OF THE GOSPELClearly outlining the historic and theological variations among Hyper-Calvinism, High-Calvinism, Moderate-Calvinism, and Low-Calvinism, Jeffrey D. Johnson affords a sturdy but concise clarification of the way the established and unfastened provide of the gospel is congruent with the doctrine of constrained atonement. The book is a worthy player withinside the ongoing dialogue at the volume of the atonement. He specifically gives beneficial theological and historic insights into the established element of the paintings of Christ in keeping with the commonly prevalent formula “enough for all, green handiest for the elect.” Those worried withinside the debate ought to study this monograph as they excellent music what they accept as true with to be the genuine Biblical and Reformed function." —Curt Daniel, Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Springfield, IL"Lack of historic angle and cautious nuance frequently impede discussions and debates at the volume of the atonement. This is genuine amongst Calvinists and non-Calvinists. That’s why you want to study the book. In this book, the writer revives the antique Lombardian difference between constrained efficacy and established sufficiency, and he assesses the diverse approaches the Reformed way of life has sought to harmonize the two. Next, Johnson seeks to transport the communication ahead with the aid of using concerning the query of the atonement’s volume to the doctrine of union with Christ. In so doing, he makes a remarkable case for a mild Calvinism that lays a strong foundation for the unfastened (and sincere) provision of the gospel. I particularly advocate it!" —Bob Gonzales, Dean, Reformed Baptist Seminary, Sacramento, CAThe writer describes his cutting-edge book, the book, as basically approximately an “in-residence debate amongst Calvinists,” and that it is. But I suppose even non-Calvinists could study an exquisite deal from this book. It is a remarkable creation of the historical debate regarding the efficacy and sufficiency of atonement that should be studied with the aid of using anybody interested in the issue. Whether one agrees with Jeff’s very last solution or now no longer, he or she can be able to virtually come away with higher information about the issue, each biblically and historically, and, absolute confidence higher information of his or her very own function as properly. As for me, I approached the book with a reasonably excessive diploma of skepticism, however, it amazed me in numerous approaches. First of all, I became amazed to find out that I did now no longer recognize the historic history of the talk almost as properly as I concept I did. Second, I became amazed to find out that I hadn’t been almost as regular in my wondering about the problem as I concept I had been. And third, I became amazed that the book received me over; Jeff satisfied me with his function. The book is likewise written in a clean and on-hand way. So, to mention the least, I particularly advocate it. Even in case you aren't satisfied with the aid of using Jeff’s arguments withinside the end, you may nevertheless virtually study plenty from the book. However, you could simply grow to be as amazed as I became—you could simply grow to be agreeing with it!" —Keith Troop, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Bloomington, IL

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