The Wrong House

Marielito Exodus of Cubans in 1980

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(Marielito; Exodus of Cubans in 1980)

By Esteban Burier

For all opponents of the Castro regime who went to comply with arbitrary sanctions;

for those who were executed by the Castro regime; deprived of any defense, innocent

of cases imposed by improvised courts; for those who were under the inclemency

of the murderer Ernesto (Che) Guevara and so many other lap dogs of the dictator

Fidel Castro; They are my deepest respect and admiration. They gave their lives

with a shout of; Live Christ the King! Long live free Cuba!


Narrates the childhood of a boy that never thought twice to make a decision,

committing many errors which took him, as consequence of punishment, to

many juvenile reformatories and at last to jail, where he spent part of his life.

The good education from his family did not influence on the boy, who does not

divert from his delinquent path. A supernatural strength pushed him to these

twisted paths to destroy and incarcerate him to where the stubborn are taken, to

where you are subject to many tests and you can lose your dignity and also your

manhood, depending on how weak or strong your personality is or if you allow to

be intimidated. This boy, since he started to reason in his first years of his childhood,

was a mean boy without regret and fought day and night in his neighborhood in

the town where he was born. His friends and enemies told him, “You are meat for

prison.” Let’s see if this boy survived in prison or if he was destroyed physically or

morally, or just what happened to him.

Like the birds that migrate in the winter and fly away from this island that the devil

rules, I want.;

But the sky of my native land, covered by spiderwebs is, and assassins it has.

To kill those who attempt to leave or to enter. Oh! God, you that listen to the


Remove the tyrant that governs as or give us the strength to kill the executioner

that enforces his will.

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