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This book is one of the Chinese Culture Story Series. The whole set of Chinese Culture Stories Series, 41 books @ $ 2.4/BOOK ONLY!, 1050 articles, 18 categories. Chinese-English bilingual, Detailed explanations and expansions of Vocabularies, Perfect for HSK 4-6, IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese & School extra readings. Find the QR code on the first page for the best price for the whole set of books. New launching BEST price at http://edeo.biz/26749

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This book covers the tumultuous era from Three Kingdoms to The Northern and Southern dynasties.The Three Kingdoms from 220–280 AD was the tripartite division of China among the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu. The Three Kingdoms period started with the end of the Han dynasty and was followed by the Jin dynasty. Start date: 189 AD. End date: 263 AD The Northern and Southern dynasties was a period in the history of China that lasted from 386 to 589, following the tumultuous era of the Sixteen Kingdoms and the Wu Hu states. It is sometimes considered as the latter part of a longer period known as the Six Dynasties. Start date: 420 AD. End date: 589 AD (Wikipedia)

中国的史书浩瀚如海,在中国历史上可歌可泣的人物和事件,不可胜数,所以大家常说:一部二十五史,不知从何说起。我们从历代的史书中,以教育性、趣味性、知识性为取材标准,用简洁的文字,将中国历史撷精择要的呈现给读者。Chinese histories are abundant. In Chinese history the stories of glorious and tragic men and events are so numerous that they cannot be counted. Therefore, people often sya, " One does not know where to begin discussing the Twenty-five Histories. " The historical stories are selected from many stroies with clear and simple wording, they present a complete Chinese history concisely to our readers.

Three Kingdoms, Wei, Jin, The Northern and Southern dynasties 三国魏晋南北朝 -Story 01-25
01 序编 Preface 1
序言 2 Preface 2
02 建安七子 The Seven Masters of the Jian-an
03 桃园三结义 The triple oath
04 三顾茅庐 Three visits to thatched cottage
05 赤壁之战 Battle of Red Cliffs
06 三国时代 The Three Kingdoms
07 竹林七贤 The Seven Worthies of the Bamboo Grove
08 八王之乱 Turmoil of the Eight Princes
09 五胡乱华 The Period of Five Tartar Tribes Bringing Turmoil to China
10 衣冠南渡 The noble family migrate to south
11 渡江击楫 Crossing river and Beating oar to Vow
198 闻鸡起舞 Be up with the cock's crow
199枕戈待旦 Sleep with my spear ready
和“胡人” 有关的一些词
12 陶侃运砖惜分阴 Tao Kan moving bricks to train body and Mind
13 淝水之战 The Battle of the Fei River
14 南北朝 Southern and Northern Dynasties
15 魏文帝的汉化 Emperor Xiao-wen sinification
16 江南的开发 The development of the southern regions
17 门阀制度 The oligarchic system
18 洛阳纸贵 Paper becomes expensive in Luoyang
19 玄学与清谈 Abstruse Learning and Pure Conversation
20 顾恺之三绝 Gu Kai Zhi's three areas of excellence
21 书成换鹅 Exchange Goose for Wang's calligraphy
22 葛洪炼丹 Alchemist Ge Hong
23 田园诗人陶渊明 Pastoral poet Tao Yuanming
24 祖冲之的圆周率 Zu Chongzhi figure mathematics pi to the 7th decimal place
25 云岗与龙门的石窟 Yungang and Longmen Grottoes
26 法显取经 Faxian travelled to the West to obtain the Buddhist scripture

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