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This book combines the human traits of Love, hope and despair, interwoven with the good, bad and weird of life. It goes to people's hearts and minds, and awakens us to the possibilities of living lives of greater Love.
Begining with a couple meeting at the nude beach in Zipolite, Mexico, where she asks him an innnocent question, "What is the greatest thing you have ever done for Love?", to the creation of "Palaces of Heaven" where people can come and buy hashish wholesale, in pampered, sensuous settings. A vietnames war draftee who has a vision of wandering onto a small trail and walking away from the war to a better life where he meets the Empress/Buddha-woman. This book tells the story of the Buddha, born into a woman's body, and her fleeing Burma with three wise men to save her life, to where she lives in exile in India. There she helps countless thousands with her wisdom. The nude beach/awol-'Nam guy goes from India to Burma for the Buddha-woman, to prepare the path for her return to her parents and people there. Every chapter is filled with the things people do or have done for Love. Sometimes it is hard to realise that someone even did something out of Love for another person until several chapters later. A brothel that is a good thing by saving countless people from slavery and prostituion. Going to prison for two years because they saved another person from going to prison. There are sensuous people throughout the book, who Love each other, and live in Love to help other people's lives get to better situations. The Buddha said,"I shall not rest until all sentient beings are saved". A daunting task, but the Buddha has alot of dedicated friends in countless places.

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septiembre 21