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Things seem to be at their tipping point in Evynsford, as the final pieces are revealed in a drama of shadowy intrigue which has played out across the lives of those dwelling within that sequestered hamlet.

An organization, one which has manipulated and maneuvered the very existence of the community, has shown its hand, whose fingers reach toward the very souls of the people dwelling on the cold shores of the Irish Sea. Rumors of experimentation, subterranean repositories and grand plans to make “better men” circulate around Evynsford, but still so much remains in the shadows. If only a keen investigator could drag things into the light…

However, such a man seems to be busy at the moment, with his recent marriage and his time away from the Constable Offices of Preston being spent erecting a new schoolhouse. No leads have been chased down, no evidence scrutinized, no prisoner interrogated, but for all this, Inspector Eldermann has never been happier. Perhaps Eldermann has given up the chase, lost in the wedded bliss he has found in the arms of the former Miss Regina Hollferd. Yet that which moves in the dark will not be denied and Arthur Eldermann has stood in its way for the last time.

When news comes that the only captured member of the organization, the Seraph, has begun talking of dire events to come, Eldermann is drawn back within the web, though things have already been set in motion. Even if the Inspector can uncover what lies ahead, there may not be enough of Evynsford, or himself, to save.

Fiction & Literature
9 April
Imaginarium Press Publishing

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