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Drawing: Drawing for Beginners: A Preparatory Guide to Drawing Greatness

Learn how to draw in just a few months! Drawing for Beginners: A Preparatory Guide to Drawing Greatness will help you get started.

• Bonus Chapter: A Preview To The Next Steps 

Fact is, drawing can be learned. It is true that there are people who are seemingly inherently talented in the art. However, anyone can learn how to draw. You just need to understand the basics and perform exercises that would help you hone your craft. In no-time, you would be able to make figures come to life with just paper and pen, or any drawing medium for that matter. 

Just like with any skill you are trying to learn, you have to start somewhere – and this book will help you do exactly that. You will be guided through the whole process - from preparing the so-called tools of the trade, up to the techniques of holding a pen, and ultimately, basic drawing exercises. The bonus chapter would then point you to the directions that you need to take to master the art. 

7 Reasons to Buy This Book 

1. This book was especially made for beginners. It teaches drawing technicalities in lay man’s words. 

2. In this book, you will know what you will need to learn and improve in drawing faster. 

3. This book will provide you tons of exercises that will enhance your eyes and drawing hand when it comes to sketching. 

4. The topics will provide you a better understanding on how pencil works. 

5. The book will also teach you different methods on how to hold a pencil, pen, or any other drawing medium. 

6. Aside from that, this book will prepare you in learning advanced drawing techniques. 

7. Lastly, if you follow everything in here, you will improve in less than a month when it comes to drawing. 

What You’ll Know from “Drawing for Beginners” 

• Essential Information about an Artist’s Essential Equipment 

• Multitude of Drawing Exercises to Make You Improve Fast 

• Information about Pencils and Their Grades 

• Quick Tips on How to Draw Fast 

• Lessons about the Importance of Mastering Drawing Lines 

• Explanations about the Skills You Need to Learn Afterwards 

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November 17
Helen Jade

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