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‘It does matter’ demonstrates how the path to Leadership is neither straight nor easy. Alex’s method of uncovering the secrets of Leadership is through telling real-life stories of his successes and failures in business during his 50-year career. Taking the road less travelled from Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman, President and CEO, Alex lived and worked in Africa, America, Asia, Western and Central Europe. In the process, he had the good fortune to work with and for some great leaders. His book tells how he learnt the Craft of Leadership by observing and listening to these Leaders in action. 

From his humble beginnings in Edinburgh, Scotland Alex met his first Leader when he was just eight years old. Alex learnt to lead at The Life Boys by watching his Leader-in-Charge motivate the youngsters who led by example.

As a Milk Delivery Boy, he came across Bert the Milkman, who was a stickler for timekeeping. Every morning at 4.30 am, Alex had to be at a specific street corner to be picked up by Bert and his Milk Float. If Alex were a few minutes, late Bert wouldn’t wait, resulting in Alex having to catch up. Bert would holler at Alex, “Our customers want fresh milk Alex - not yoghurt! Next time you’re late, you can go back home! We start at 4.30 in the morning, not in the afternoon!” That’s how Alex learnt the habit of being on time - at just 13 years of age.

By the time he was 28, Alex was leading his first business turnaround in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

The book traces Alex’s career progression as he moves to Zambia, right in the middle of the Rhodesian War. He was again fortunate to work with an impressive Leader. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave his beloved Africa to be reunited with his family back in the UK.

During the early 1980s, the UK was dominated by a resurgent Margaret Thatcher who was leading nothing short of a cultural revolution that eventually saved the ‘Great’ in Britain. However, the UK economy suffered severely in the early part of the decade, and Alex’s leadership abilities were tested by having to close down two packaging companies in quick succession.

Alex tells how he also met some not so good Leaders! Check out his story about his brush with the media mogul Robert Maxwell - ‘it does matter’ reveals who won that particular clash!

Luck plays a part in all success stories, and what Alex did next accelerated his leadership skills to a global level. Like most Leaders, Alex’s star shot ever upwards, only to eventually run out of runway. Tired, and fired, Alex bounced back to buy a business, only to be shot back down again when it became apparent that it was a ‘pup’. It was then that Alex realised - once a Leader, always a Leader! 

Poland was next. Alex admits to being deficient in language skills, which, of course, didn’t stop him from leading the turnaround and achieving an exceptional exit for the investors and shareholders. It was followed by early retirement in the sun, which was both attractive and enjoyable for this road warrior. But then, that phone rang again, and he went off to Hungary!

In summary, the values that are essential for all leaders have changed little over the years and ‘it does matter’ highlights the importance of hard work, sacrifice and commitment that differentiates leaders from followers. This insightful memoir serves as an excellent resource for present and future leaders, and those interested in the subject of Leadership. You can find Alex today on his new leadership website mr alex online. Even in his eighth decade, there’s no stopping this unique Leader.

27 March
Alex Walker

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