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Kids Aren’t Grown-Ups explores a fascinating world … the development of a child’s brain and mind. Written in an informal yet informative style, the book’s clear explanations of sometimes complex issues will help parents better understand their pre-school child’s abilities, limitations, motivations and behaviour. Kids Aren’t Grown-Ups! arms readers with the knowledge and tools to make informed parenting choices. 


"I wish Kids Aren’t Grown-Ups had been available to read when my children were born, so that I could better allow my boys to explore their own possibilities and flourish, with my support and guidance.  It is rare to find a book that is so multidimensional in its approach to broadening growth in parenting skills, and the book tackles many complex topics in a clear manner, with just the right amount of scientific terminology.  Michelle Hutton has a very interactive writing style, and it was the practical translation of the theory that kept me engaged.  I was pleased there were no overwhelming prescriptive lists of things I felt I had to do better. I was able to stop and think about my own parenting strategies and style, making sense of how to support and impact young children."


"Finally—a refreshing and useful guide for parents!  I am one of those parents who had to quickly learn that our children don’t always read the text books.  My first child is somewhat of a challenge and I found myself reading every sort of parenting manual only to find that she just didn’t seem to fit into any particular problem and more frustratingly—any solution!  My second child was born and proved to be the polar opposite in terms of personality, adding to my frustration and confusion.  Kids Aren’t Grown-Ups has helped me to understand these precious little people in my life.  However, importantly it has also helped me accept my own influences as a parent and has given me the confidence to make decisions that are right for MY kids and my family.  The author covers such a wide range of topics that influence how a child develops, their behaviour and how they perceive the world, making it relevant for all children and helpful for all parents."


"As a new parent, I found it overwhelming at times to know what the best approach was for my daughter for everyday challenges.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on your parenting—advice on everything from using child care to breastfeeding.  On top of all the advice from well-meaning friends and family members, there are so many parenting books!  A lot of the advice out there is biased and based on other people’s values.  This book, however, is written in a factual way that allows parents to add to their toolkit with useful information.

Kids Aren’t Grown-Ups is a down-to-earth, humorous and accessible book.  Concepts that could be complex are explained in easy to understand ways, without jargon, and the diagrams are helpful additions to the text.  Knowing how a child’s brain develops is a very helpful tool for us parents and the author does a great job of explaining this process in ways we can all understand.

Michelle Hutton writes in an extremely relatable way.  While reading, I found myself nodding along emphatically as the author describes children’s behaviours and parents’ responses.  I kept thinking, “yes, she really understands these parenting challenges I am facing.”  The personable way this book is written feels like someone is walking this tricky parenting road by your side, and pointing out potential potholes and hazards in a way that helps you feel prepared, in control and most importantly, not judged.

Sometimes as a parent we expect things of our kids that just don’t fit their age and stage of development.  Hutton writes in a guilt-free, non-blaming, sensible and factual way that helps equip us “mere mortal” parents for this super-human job facing us—being a parent.  I will definitely be recommending this book to other parents, especially those embarking on the journey for the first time.  This book is both fascinating and thought provoking."

11 August
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