Magazine Wars

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Publisher Description

This flirty, contemporary romance brings spirited, city magazine publisher Maggie Berry in direct conflict with her high school rival Aimee Sloan, who publishes a magazine in the same city. When handsome singer/songwriter Samuel Larchmont comes to town, both Maggie and Aimee know that an exclusive interview with the musician would boost their advertising sales and give them top billing as the best local entertainment and lifestyle publication in the area. Samuel agrees to an interview with both women, but set up an interesting contest to determine which one gets the story. When it’s Maggie’s turn to interview Samuel, she can hardly control her attraction to him. And she feels that he’s attracted to her. But before Maggie can find out for sure, a mysterious young woman enters the room and tells Samuel it’s time to leave. Disappointed, Maggie assumes that Aimee got the story, and returns to work, trying unsuccessfully to get Samuel out of her mind.This romantic test of wills is not over, and it ultimately takes Maggie to Ireland to cover Samuel’s European tour, where she discovers that she is falling hard for Samuel Larchmont. However, Maggie feels that Samuel is hiding something and, as she learns more about him, Maggie worries that there may be another woman in his life. Not only that, Samuel takes Maggie to an Irish castle where she learns the romantic story of a mysterious White Lady. And, while Maggie doesn’t believe in ghosts, something or someone seems to be trying to warn her about Samuel. Magazine Wars is a fun romance with a supernatural twist!

29 November
Maryanna Connor