Maria: Always Available

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Roger’s head lay to the side pointing in the direction of the door and, also, the enchantress with her head beneath the sheets. He decided to open one eye just a tiny amount to see what might be visible to him.There, within inches of his face was a large shapely backside sheathed in a tight black skirt, which had pulled itself upward as the wearer had arranged herself on the bed.
Roger had not failed to notice her more than adequate posterior when he had first met Maria, but her beautiful smile and youthful countenance and remarkable shining eyes, not to mention her sufficiently partially uncovered bountiful chest, had probably got to him first. He remembered thinking that this widow must surely have many admirers.
Not wanting to move his head for fear of disturbing her, Roger let his eyes travel as far as they could along her body. Where her skirt ended, the end of a suspender peeped over the smooth white skin of her thigh and clasped the top of a black stocking, which then ran smoothly down her leg to a smallish foot and a low-heeled black shoe.
Suddenly the mouth gave a long but gentle suck as it dragged itself up Roger’s shaft and away from his member. Then Maria removed her head from the bed, rolled gently over, got up and left, softly closing the door behind her.
Roger lay without moving, not wanting to lose these recent thoughts and sensations. But then he was forced to wake up to address this extraordinary event, turning it over and over in his still dazed mind. This amazing woman had had her way with him secretly, or so she thought, and for now Roger would give no hint to his lovely visitor that he knew about it.
Maria's daughter Serina knocked on the study door early one afternoon, just a couple of days after the family had moved into the cottage. Roger called "Come in". He thought that it would be Maria.
There was a long pause and Serina actually stopped staring at him for the first time and gazed out of the window instead.
"I know she still misses my step-dad."
Roger relaxed back into his chair, relieved that this was not about him.
"He died nearly four years ago and Mum hasn't shown any interest in any other men since then. They had a strange married life in some ways. Over the last twenty years or so Dad worked night shift, getting home at around 3 am and sleeping until midday. Mum worked at a shipping company cafeteria and left home around 7.30 each morning. They spent very little time together."
Serina went on to tell Roger about her mother's unusual early morning behaviour. Then she told him something else.
"My mother and I now share this sexual affliction, if one can call it that. Living in the cottage right next door to you, Roger, and you sleeping late as you do, it's going to be hard, not just for Mum but for me too, not to visit you early in the mornings."
Roger was in awe of this beautiful young woman. He was also speechless. As he began to formulate a response, Serina rose slowly from her chair.
"There is something I haven't told you, Mr Robertson, sorry; Roger. It would seem that what happens when mum starts her day in the early morning, is that she is likely to visit you. She may have already, but you don't know about it. Now that we are living in the cottage and with easy access to your house, I'm thinking that you will almost certainly have an early morning visitor."
"Thank you, Roger. I better not keep you from your work any longer. Thanks for listening. I hope I haven't frightened you?"
Serina turned and smiled an appreciative smile.
"You are such an attractive man Roger. Please don't lock your doors at night. Getting through windows is something neither I or my mother are good at."
Serena gave a wicked laugh and smiled.
"Oh yes, there is one other thing, Roger. Mum knows about me just as I know about her. We support each other. We are very happy to either share, or take turns. Thanks, Roger. See you soon."

Fiction & Literature
14 March
Richard Lee

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