Solomon's Builders

Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington D.C.

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    • 10,99 €

Publisher Description

Unearth the fascinating history of how the Freemasons and Founding Fathers sowed the seeds of a new nation amid the collapse of the British colonies.

Step back in time to the birth of a revolutionary new republic and discover how the utopian ideals of a visionary secret society laid the foundation for the most powerful nation on earth. Follow George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers as they transform the democratic principles of their Masonic lodges into a radical new nation.

Solomon’s Builders unravels history from myth as it takes you on a Freemason’s tour of Washington, D.C. It reveals the evidence of Masonic influence during the construction of America and its new capital, including clues hidden in plain sight:

•Masonic connections to national monuments

•Puzzling pentagrams and symbolism in city streets

•The mysterious temples of the “Widow’s Sons”

Solomon’s Builders relates the true stories of these visionary founders, and the fascinating meaning behind the cryptic codes, enigmatic symbols and intriguing architecture that is reputedly the basis for the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol.

“Well written account of the philosophical thinking that led to the formation of a common man’s democracy. . . . The reference book that teachers need to use in their American History classes.” —Karl Grube, Ph.D., Bonisteel Masonic Library, Ann Arbor, MI

“One of the better books that I have seen that credits Freemasonry where credit is due.” —Thomas W. Jackson, The Northern Light Magazine

“What distinguishes Solomon’s Builders from the good and bad, malicious and benevolent, is its honesty, humor and clarity.” —Mark A. Tabbert, author of American Freemasons

“An academically written book on the early days of American Freemasonry without the pretentious trappings of most scholarly treatments on the subject.” —Stephen Dafoe, author of Nobly Born

21 December
Ulysses Press

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