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What did Jesus mean when he said many are called, but few are chosen? Why are there so many different denominations and divisions in the church world? Have our scholars learned everything there is to know about the Bible? Has God really hidden truth in his Word for our time? Are you ready for what will happen next in the schedule of cosmic events?

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime through the hidden mysteries of the Word of God. Solomon put it so well when he wrote, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding (Prov. 4:7). But do wisdom and understanding just drop into our laps, or do we have to take some sort of action to acquire them?

This book will provide an amazing new understanding of Jesuss teachings on salvation and eternity, as well as other Bible prophecy specific to the times in which we now live. You dont have to fear what comes next. When you apply The Basileia Code to the prophecies of old, you will begin to unlock new meaning in the messages recorded in the Word of God thousands of years ago.

Jesus made it clear that salvation is free and easy to receive. But if this is true, why does it seem there are so many mandates to follow in order to stay saved? Where do my works fit in? What is the meaning of this life in relation to eternity? In other words, why am I here? What really happens when this temporal existence is over? How can I prepare myself in this life for my place in the next?

Religion & Spirituality
August 4
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