The Club: Ladies Love it

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Roger was impressed from the very beginning. The Club entrance area was bright and airy with white walls and brightly coloured doors and woodwork, and signage was clear and tasteful.
Inside the cinema, people were scattered around, some alone, some as couples and there was at least two sets of three people.
Maria pointed out to him that that the three front rows were off limits to men unless they were with a consenting female partner. These front rows catered for couples and women on their own who did not want to be approached by other members. Lone women would go there to simply watch the movie and likely touch themselves if so inclined.
Occasionally - according to Maria - two women in a row might exchange glances and indicate that they would be happy to enjoy the other’s company for mutual touching and kissing in which case, one or the other would get up and move next to her newly found friend.
“I’d put uncertainty and anticipation at the head of the list. The uncertainty coupled with the expectation and excitement of receiving unsolicited sexual attention, i.e., “Will someone I do not know, try to do something sexual to me when I wasn’t expecting it?”
“The second thing, strangely enough, is the feeling of empowerment. A woman at The Club knows that ultimately she is safe but like all good stories, the opportunity is offered whereby the woman can suspend disbelief. She can pretend for just a short time, pretend that she will be surprised by titillating things that might happen to her, sexual things that she does not normally experience in her daily life.
“And thirdly, wanting to be adored is a natural trait of all women, even if it might be only temporarily."
The next day, Maria talked to her friend Mary about the club. By the time Maria had completed her discourse, Mary was truly excited. Maria asked her to repeat some of the things she’d said just to be sure that she had understood the main points.
“So, Maria. I go to The Club and I’m wanting to meet a man, or as you’ve pointed out, maybe more than one man. I find a seat anywhere in rows six or seven, and settle back to watch the movie. After just a short wait, a man will come and sit beside me and after a few minutes he will attempt to touch me, most likely on a leg or a breast or an arm. Then its up to me how I respond, encouraging him or discouraging him. If you want to make him work for his grope, refuse him a couple of times, three max, otherwise he will assume your not up for it. To get of rid of him, four rebuttals should do or just keep moving his hand away.
“You’ve got it Mary.”
“If I’m not getting any takers in six or seven, I can go and pick a shy bloke from rows four or five and do whatever I like with him.
“And if I want to meet up with a woman, I go and sit in rows eight and nine. In those rows we approach each other with signals - smiles and hand gestures. Sensitive touching and groping, and kissing and licking coming a few minutes later.
And if I’m with someone and we don’t want to be interrupted by another horny person, we sit in rows ten, eleven or twelve. We also sit in those rows if we simply want to be alone and watch the movie and play with ourselves.
And finally, if I want to get myself truly ravaged, I go and park myself in row three, Gang Bang Alley, where, in just a few moments I will be deluged with gropers and cock wavers prancing around in front and behind me.

Fiction & Literature
12 March
Richard Lee

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