The Three Steps To A Wow Invention: Guidelines To Help Keep You On The Path To Success

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Publisher Description

"This book seriously helps to simplify the process and create guidelines to help keep you on the path to success. An excellent read for anyone new to the industry and even if you’ve had success in the past. The principles in the book really help to clear your mind.

Inside, I share my story and tips for reaching the top of the invention world. You don't have to be Leonardo DaVinci to be a good investor, and no, everything hasn't ""been invented already."" You won't just learn about the business end of inventing – I'll also highlight the exact methods that allow me to have better ideas with blockbuster value, years ahead of my competitors.

My first brilliant idea and why ""the rule of five"" meant it was doomed to fail.

- The one family member who saved my entire career by helping me say NO to a corporate powerhouse.

- Why singing an NDA didn't protect me from a DOGFIGHT with people all over the world stealing my first idea.

- The steps I took to develop the Ab Roller into a knockout product. I did them by accident, but when you read this, you'll have a system.

- How I stayed afloat when the Patent Office LOST my patent and exposed me to every ripoff under the sun.

It's not just the story of my success, it's about me helping you tell your own story. You'll also discover:

- The three steps to a WOW invention – the kind that spreads like wildfire, knocks people's socks off and gets you big checks from jump-street (this is super critical)

- Why your ideas DON'T always have to be creative or innovative to be amazing.

- How do you know you're ideas any good – and why an idea that's TOO fresh will have investors running for the hills!

- My WOW IDEA test. For each of these eight features, you're going to give your product a score of one to five.

- We are going to transform that idea in your head into a workable prototype. Some companies say you don't need to do this, but … well …

- How to invest and create a real physical prototype when you don't have a bunch of money to spend.

- As one of the most ripped-off inventors in modern history, I know all about the value (and limitations) of a non-disclosure agreement. Read about creating an NDA and keep your intellectual property YOURS.

- Why should you spend as little money as possible on prototyping – and spend as much money and time as possible on … THIS. I'll fill you in on this and more inside my book.

- Branding your invention – and why someone made millions with a generic idea just for having a cool name.

- How to run a successful campaign on Kickstarter – and get thousands of customers to PAY YOU to give you what you want."

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18 October