This is My Son Part 1 Amazon Mission

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Publisher Description

Power kills, money burns, beauty fades. But when it comes to the secret, God-lit side of human desire, the bliss of heaven awaits.

In 1887, moments before being brutally murdered by cannibals in the Amazon jungle, missionaries John and Bernice Solomon leave their three month old son, Peter, in the care of a native woman. Five years later, the supernaturally gifted little boy is miraculously found by three British scientists, who take him under their wing, adopt him as their son and bring him home to be educated.

As he grows up, Peter attends the finest schools in Europe and travels with his adoptive fathers around the world. By the age of twenty, he’s become a brilliant inventor and a highly skilled physician, artist and musician.

Not long after, Peter submits to a deep, God-given desire to return as a missionary to his homeland in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon. But he’s also fallen in love with Angelee Weltergrand, sister of his best friend Andrew, and asks her to marry him. Unfortunately, circumstances intervene, setting in motion a series of events that will ultimately change the world.

This eight part Solomon family saga takes place on four continents, revealing the destiny of four generations of fathers and sons who discover the deepest mystery of all time embedded in a simple math equation. For nothing means more to John, Peter, Nathan, Jamie and their families than being close to God and nothing means more to God than loving His children.

Fiction & Literature
5 February
Janet Ruth Myers