Torture in a Civilised Way: My Own Real Case History

When the Mentally Evaluated Evaluates the Evaluator, Malingering of Mental Evaluation Can Be Also Useful

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My book describe my own real legal mental case which took place when I was working as not-ethnic medical doctor/ general practitioner for the NHS in a small town in a civilized western European country.

The Book describe how the legal part of my case was fabricated and run for several years by a single arrogant and dishonest local police officer with the help from few arrogant and racists social workers from the local welfare and a biased police court magistrate after 10 years of my practice because of my disagreements, disputes and quarrels with them defending the equal legal and social rights of large number my patients from the Middle East and Turkey and large number of ethnics from street gangs who were poor needy social clients of the welfare with very hard complicated psycho-social legal problems .

Also my Book describes how the mental part of my case was created, describing how my mental evaluations were made by biased, incompetent, racist and dishonest evaluators using shockingly wrong methods and procedures which totally deviated from all known international guidelines and recommendations for making proper and fair mental assessment of a defendant for court. I explain my case and my claims reference to published international methods and standards.

My Book shows how my incorrectly obtained mental findings were presented and explained in courts only by the police prosecutor where the judging people and the prosecutor were totally blank even in basal psychology and psychiatry and mental evaluations, when the evaluators were absent during the trials . My case shows, that even in a civilized European democratic country corruption and racial behaviors are found and practiced by the authorities and the common public towards the minorities or specific types of people and their social and legal rights. My case shows how mental evaluations and their findings can be abused by all parts involved in a legal mental case to achieve specific purposes .My case shows how the bias, the incompetence and the dishonest behaviors of the mental evaluators are added to the unreliability, invalidity and the inaccuracies found in present time psychological tests and the mental diagnostic systems can magnify the harmful consequences on the evaluated when mental evaluations are abused to achieve specific purposes.

Dr. Sammy Khan MD , Oct.2014

23 October
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