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This 30 minute workout plan is designed for teen athletes who’s desire is to develop explosive power for the sports they play. Whether it be football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, tennis or any other dynamic sport you play, developing explosive power will help you improve your game. This total body workout pushes you hard to develop explosive power in your arms, legs and core. This workout routine requires little in the way of equipment. Some of the 17 exercises in this workout make use of an exercise ball which can optionally be replaced using a chair or elevated platform of similar height. Teen athletes who participate in sports requiring explosive movements will benefit from following this plan which takes only 30 minutes every other day for 6 weeks. Each of the 17 exercises includes a detailed description of the movements to be performed along with one or more photos and the key points to be aware of to ensure maximum benefit is achieved and to also avoid injury. Tired of not making the team? Of not coming out on top? Get the 30 Minute Workout For Teen Athletes – Explosive Power Edition and give yourself an advantage. In six weeks time, you’ll be running, jumping, skating and performing harder and faster than you ever have before. Turn off the TV and shut down the video game! Instead, call your friends or teammates over for a 30 Minute Workout. Do it after school or during your lunch hour, all it takes is 30 minutes. Doing it as a group helps you push each other to your limits. Is the workout routine your coaches put you through lame? Do they even give you a workout routine?! Tell them about the 30 Minute Workout For Teen Athletes – Explosive Power Edition! Coaches, do you want your athletes to have an edge over the competition? Take a look at your competition who’s frequently winning. Chances are those athletes work hard at developing explosive power. Take away the advantage they might have by having your own athletes develop explosive power. There’s even a downloadable PDF you can provide your athletes to track their Explosive Power workouts. Parents! Listen Up… Is your teen athlete obsessed with the weight bench? They may be developing muscles and strength, but are they developing explosive power? Those are those fast-twitch muscle fibers that allow an athlete to QUICKLY execute the power moves which help them excel at their sport. There’s no better day than today to start developing your explosive power! Buy it now and get started on your way to impressing everyone with your explosive power.

Health & Well-Being
April 10
Zac Cormier