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In these magical stories, we meet giants and royalty, pigs and wolves and even a fairy godfather. The scripts are designed for children 8-11 years old to perform. The shows last about 30 min each, with flexible casting of 24-30, & opportunities for doubling or expanding. Please note that although these scripts are in one place, they are not royalty-free; information to get permission to produce these plays is at the end of the book. This collection includes:
1. The Beanstalk Stories
The Sage (a tad bit more important than just a narrator) moves the audience through two stories based on giant beanstalks. Storyline 1 is Jack and the Beanstalk, almost the same story that’s been around for centuries. Almost but not quite. Storyline 2 is More Than Berries about a hungry girl and her mother. Kassidy goes into the forest to find berries for her mom but is delighted when she finds a giant beanstalk. She picks giant beans until she climbs so high that she discovers...a picnic. Original song: Because There’s You. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 4 male, 6 female, 16 either, doubling possible.
2. Fairy Tales, Tairy Fales: Folklore Gone Awry
What a mixed-up show! Prince Charming cannot find the perfect girl. Little red riding hood? No. It’s little red baseball cap. A narrator can’t keep his words straight for Back and the Jeanstalk but meeps kixing them up. And the audience participates in The Three Little Pigs.
Original songs include: Fairy Tales, Tairy Fales; It’s Alarming, Poor Charming; Red, Red Baseball Cap; Back and the Jeanstalk; Three Little Pigs. Running Time: about 40 min. Cast: 6 male, 7 female, 12 either, doubling possible.
3. Three-3-III
In these tales of three, the three pigs must outsmart three wolves; the three billy goats Gruff have three trolls to deal with (and one of the goats is female so she’s Betty Goat Gruff); and the three bears face Goldilocks and her sisters Curlilocks and Purplelocks. Luckily, the news team—Bronkite, Crinkley, and Lather—keep us informed of the happenings in the wild. And the sign carriers are in their own little world. Original songs include: Three is a Magical Number; Haggle, Haggle, Bargain; New Story, New Story! Running Time: 40 minutes. Cast: 3 male, 5 female, 22 either, doubling possible.
4. Magical Factual Planet Pursuit
Mel is having a horrible day. Her teacher assigned a science report that’s due tomorrow. Sure, Mel can choose her own topic but how? What? Where? Fairy Godfather is having a hard time too as he looks for someone to help, following notes that Fairy Godmother gave him. To top it off, the wand is fussy so when FG takes Mel to a ball, they land on a planet. What else could go wrong? Running Time: about 35 min. Cast: 5 male, 7 female, 12 either, doubling possible.
5. The Empress’s New Clothes
Empress Zeta absolutely must have the best, most fashionable clothes around. It keeps her ladies-in-waiting and her people hopping as each day means finding a new outfit for her. Some sly swindlers come up with a fashion scam to take some of Zeta’s money. It’s the children who tell Zeta the truth and help her to learn a little about her own vanity. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 4 female, 21 either, doubling possible.

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Marian Scadden

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