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It's 1914 or thereabouts, a Red Tide is rising, as revolution rampages across the Russian Continent. Soon the nation states will be a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Alexander Popov is caught up in the chaos and goes alone to the USA, to prepare a home for his heavily pregnant wife. She will follow when things quieten down, but life doesn't work that way and the separation becomes permanent.

Alex Popov is young, ambitious and talented, he soon makes his mark on Wall Street. But events overtake him as Wall Street crashes, now known as Alex Popper, he's accidentally murdered by senior partner Ralph Solomons amid charges of double-dealing. But he covers it up as suicide. Angela Pilkington his personal assistant makes it a lifelong quest to seek revenge, by exposing Solomons.

While in Moscow, the son he never knew rises to the fringes of the Politburo, as an Air Force Colonel and Scientific Advisor, to be permanent representative at the UN, New York. He's overseeing the Soviet spy network across the USA, but as he goes about his business, it brings him to the notice of veteran Canadian Secret Service Agent 'Jig' Prendergast (Ret'd).

Prendergast is out to ditch the spygame, but ends up coerced by Desmond Chandler the new Canadian Minister of Transport, Posts & Telecoms to investigate the loss of a Canadian airliner on the trans-Polar route to Moscow. Colonel Popov has recruited disaffected CIA agents to ferry sensitive tapes his top secret facility in the Vladayskaya a redundant nuclear power station where a reactor has been re-commissioned to provide the motive power, for a top-secret bid by Colonel Popov, to wreck economies across the Free World. He's out to mess with the US space program & head-up the Politburo.

Fiction & Literature
March 20
Dave Black

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