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Do you want to try a new, interesting way to work out?  Are you trying to build muscle?  Are you looking for things to add to your workout routine to make it more versatile?  Have you heard of Calisthenics but are unsure of how to approach this type of workout?  Are you simply looking to broaden your workout horizons?   If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this book will be a great tool for you!

Calisthenics is a new and emerging type of workout that you may not yet be familiar with.  You may not even know what Calisthenics is or entails.  That’s perfectly okay!  This book is here to help with background information on just what Calisthenics is, how it works and how you can do it!  This book will also guide you through 40 beginner Calisthenics workouts to teach you not only how to exercise in this way but how to do it most effectively. 

For many, working out and staying in shape is a constant struggle for many reasons.  Some struggle to find the time, some struggle with the knowledge of how to benefit their body in the correct ways and some struggle with broadening their workouts to avoid boredom.  On the other hand, some are struggling most with wanting to work out and try new things but not knowing how to understand new workouts or apply them.  Whatever you seem to be struggling with, this book can help! 

This book includes:

-40 beginner Calisthenics exercises

-In depth information and explanations of the exercises

-Helpful pictures for better understanding

-Tips and tricks to help you get a firm grasp on Calisthenics exercising

-Background and brief history on just what Calisthenics is.

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January 31
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