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Wishes can come true! I’ve experienced it in my life countless times and have seen these very enchantments work again and again for friends, family, and clients. They can work for you too!

It’s really not that difficult--if you follow a few simple steps.There’s no end to how this type of energy work can help you in your personal and professional life.

In this book I cover issues that people often seek help for. Those areas of our lives that are frequently empty or stressful: love, finances, career, weight loss, and more. I'll even show you how to cleanse and protect your aura.

What This Book Covers

Wishes Can Come True!
Call It What You Want
It's Simply Energy At Work
You Know What You Need
Before We Get Started
How Enchantments Work
Proof That Energy Attracts
Negative Enchantments
Focus And Clarity
Correct Mindset
Using Your Senses
When Can You Expect Results?
Attitude Of Gratitude
Letting Go
Simple Details
Visualization Is Key
Your Altar
Setting Up Your Altar
Using Your Altar
Finding True Love
Love Enchantment
Banishing Negative Energy
Banishment Enchantment
Confidence And Self-Esteem
Confidence Enchantment
House Blessing And Cleansing
Home Enchantment
Personal Energy Boost
Energy Enchantment
Financial Problems
Money Enchantment
Protecting Yourself
Protection Enchantment
Removing Obstacles
Clear Path Enchantment
Shedding The Pounds
Weight Loss Enchantment
Finding A Better Job
Employment Enchantment
Aura Cleansing
Energy Cleansing Enchantment
Candle Correspondences
Contact Me/Book A Reading

Health & Well-Being
December 27
Kelly Wallace

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