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First off, in ''how to improve your succes in battle'' starts in your garage.
Needless to say; You'll need a well designed, effective vehicle to gain any sort of edge over your less tought-trough opponents!
Lets start with the weapon placement:
Lets start with the weapon placement:
Weapons are the single most important items on any build. Without weapons you can't deal damage, no damage = no score. Regardless of what type of weapon you fancy, there are some key elements in placement! Here's my top reccomondation:
Place guns on the cabin if possible. The cabin will be there untill you die. This is a fact. Placing weapons on other parts, may result in losing your weapons, making the remainder of your truck useless.
If they can't fit on your cabin, i suggest placing them on a frame. This is the second strongest and usually one of the last things to get destroyed!
Buggy floor, trunk, gunmount etc. are all pipes that can be shot trough. They don't add anything to the hitpoints but they last longer when shot at.
Attaching a weapon on anything else than the cabin, you would be wise to connect it to more than 1 part. For example, when you got 2, or even 4 plates connecting eachother, place the weapon so it overlaps as many diffrent parts. This way, when 1 part gets shot off, the weapon is still attached to 2 or 3 other parts.
Positioning. Limited a little to the type of weapon, the best place to stick a gun is at the bottom. This ensures a longer life to your weapons, but limits your fire angle. You may also need bigger wheels to pull this off. If you don't want to fit them under your truck, you can allways place some armor around them, or even on top of them, to reduce the chance they will get hit from any direction. Make sure you work this out right, becouse if you put a bunch of armor around your weapons, they can be very limited, or even useless! I suggest you try to cover about half a weapons exposure. This way you can protect your weapons by turning around and choose when to shield/ fire your weapons.
Melee. In adition to the weapons that cost power, you can also add bumpers, plows, spikes etc. to increase your collision damage. Even when you are disarmed, you can still do some damage or assist your team by ramming/ flipping enemies. My advice; allways put something on! Especially against lighter enemies, and also in raids you can insta-kill enemies if you collide hard enough!

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29 November

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