Detox Your Mind Now: Discover The Incredible Power of CBT and Meditation for Understanding Your Emotions, Setting Yourself Free from Negative Beliefs, and Improving Your Social Skills

Publisher Description

If you've always wanted to improve your social skills but fear has prevented you from taking action, then keep reading...

Why is it that some social interactions have the potential to turn you into a total, and utter, nervous WRECK?

You know that if you could just communicate with people normally, life would be SO much better.

Yet even after reading countless books, any attempt to apply their knowledge and improve your social skills has proven futile.

Leaving you with the feeling that, "maybe I'll just always be this way..."

BUT what if there's a CRUCIAL piece that has been missing...

Something that every book you've read up until now has left out, that's been preventing you from making any progress?

You can't expect to use a tool effectively if the mechanism that makes it work has malfunctioned.

So what exactly is this surreptitious mechanism that has such enormous power, such that it has prevented you from being the person you want to be and behaving in the ways you so desire?

You will find the answer to this and other pressing questions in this book.

Backed by scientific insights from the field of Psychology, this book will guide you through the heavy lifting so that you can get that mechanism, that has malfunctioned, working to full potential.

Through a combination of psycho-education and practical activities, you will discover:
What 'mechanism' has malfunctioned that is at the root of your social struggles.How this 'mechanism' malfunctioned in the first place.How the malfunctioning of this 'mechanism' affects your life.What can be done to kick-start the 'mechanism' back into an optimally functioning mode.
Finally, you will understand WHY you have the problems you do, and HOW, at the grassroots level, you can reverse them, and allow the REAL work to begin.

Only THEN, when you have done the necessary work, will you start to make notable progress toward better social and communication skills.

If you want to overcome the obstacles that have blocking REAL progress towards better social and communication skills, then scroll up and click "Add to cart" NOW!

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27 April
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