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Publisher Description

Everything is made of energy, even food. Especially food. This tarot-cookbook mash-up brings together magick and 75+ recipes to transform everyday energy into something extraordinary.

Divine Your Dinner declares that there is no better, more tangible, or more fun way to tap into the energy of tarot than through the food we eat. Tarot specialist Melinda Lee Holm and recipe developer Courtney McBroom craft recipes focused on ingredients that align with the symbolism found in a traditional tarot deck.

Pull any card from your favorite deck to discover a recipe that corresponds with the card's themes. The Major Arcana cards offer recipes centered on magickal ingredients. The Minor Arcana cards are ruled by the elements: any card from the suit of swords, ruled by Air, will offer a poultry recipe to try; the suit of cups, ruled by Water, offers seafood recipes; the suit of coins, ruled by Earth, offers vegetable and grain-forward dishes; the suit of wands, ruled by Fire, brings meat dishes to your table.

Perfect for tarot lovers and spiritual newbies alike, Divine Your Dinner offers dishes that are both tasty and magickal. The Four of Swords points you toward Chicken Tortilla Soup, the Nine of Coins leads you to Smokey Eggplant and Quinoa, and The Magician offers a Butterfly Pea Flower Cinnamon Gimlet. With seventy-eight recipes that serve as an exciting form of meal planning and a new way to integrate elemental energy into your everyday life, this cookbook is a reminder that turning a good meal into a good time is the most natural thing on Earth.

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