Do it Yourself Tarot; The Instant, Easy way to Learn How to Read the Tarot for Yourself and Others

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In a Tarot card every detail has a meaning. This can be overwhelming to the new student of the Tarot; too much information causes mental confusion, which impedes the natural flow of intuition. Learning to read the Tarot can be a truly daunting task.

"Do It Yourself Tarot" is a Tarot guide for the modern reader who wants access to the keywords, symbols, archetypes without extensive discussions of the images and history of the Tarot. Introducing a new technique that makes it easy to read the cards using your own intuition, "Do It Yourself Tarot" gives you clues to the information buried in the cards, and lets you draw your own conclusions. 

Designed to be easy to carry with you and use in daily life, "Do It Yourself Tarot" is for the Tarot student who wants to "learn as they read" and explore the cards on their own. It is an in-the-moment-anywhere guide for learning to read the Tarot.


"Do It Yourself Tarot" is the 3rd book that I have written on the Tarot. The 1st book was intended to accompany the "Tarot of Creativity", the so-called "Little White Book." The 2nd book I created was "The Tarot Key", a very complete examination of the roots and archetypes of traditional Tarot. "The Tarot Key" just got bigger and bigger, as it seemed to write itself. I lived the cards, as I woke up to card meanings in my mind, walked among Tarot archetypes by day, and encountered Tarot symbols in my dreams at night.

After I was finished, I realized that I still wanted to offer a short guide to reading the Tarot. "Do It Yourself Tarot" is designed as a handy pocket guide to Tarot card reading.

The Tarot is a tool that allows us to use our intuition to access the natural wisdom that resides inside each and every one of us. In the final analysis, the questions that we ask are more important than the answers that we may receive.

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The Major Arcana
The Major Arcana are the heart of the Tarot. These cards are the highest cards in the deck. Also called the "Trumps" because they trumped all the lower cards in the deck, if you are playing it as a game. This term also refers to the ancient Roman triumphal march, when returning victorious from a campaign. The Major Arcana represent the progress of the Soul in its journey through life.

The Suits
The suits represent the four worldly paths to personal mastery through natural human qualities; these can be either weaknesses or strengths, depending on the card, the orientation of the card, and the other cards in a reading. The suits in the Tarot are analogous to the four suits in a playing card deck, but they contain one more card in the court cards, for a total of fourteen cards in each suit.

The suits each demonstrate one of the paths of the seeker, and shows a progression of understanding as the numbers increase, with lessons at each stage or number. Each suit represents a path or tool on the journey of personal evolution, and are seen as representative of the four elements of the Earth. The final fifth suit is the Major Arcana, which represents the path of mastery.

The Aces
The aces represent the distilled energy—the seed energy or essence of each suit. As such, they could be said to be both higher and lower than the court cards, just as in a regular playing deck.


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10 November
Aliyah Marr

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