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The unofficial guide for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is a collection of essential information about the game that will help the new players approach it, while the more experienced ones will discover useful advice and the requirements to complete the game in 100 per cent. This guide contains the full walkthrough of Time Patrol campaign and Parallel Quest challenges along with information about the secret objectives, so you can get a better rank and level up faster. The description includes mentors and a map of Tokitoki City with brief descriptions of the most important places. Advice about the game and a combat guide conclude the guide.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is another game dedicated to the legendary manga and anime. This time, the developer - Dimps Corporation, known for previous installments of the series - puts the players directly into the game, allowing them to relive the major fights as their own characters. You'll see the adventures of Goku and his friends once again, but this time in an alternative timeline that you'll see and experience. Aside from the traditional campaign and numerous challenges, the developer implemented a multiplayer mode that allows you to play in teams or complete the challenges in co-op mode.

The unofficial Dragon Ball: Xenoverse guide contains: Information about Time Patrol quests, A summary of Parallel Quest challenges along with the hidden objectives, Information about mentors / masters, Presentation of equipment and information about capsules, A comprehensive combat guide.

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January 25
Tung Pham

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