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Easy Vegetarian Cooking: Whether you're a long-time vegetarian, a sometimes vegetarian, or you just want a selection of quality and easy to prepare vegetarian recipes that actually taste good and are easy to prepare, this vegetarian cookbook is for you.

These vegetarian recipes are primarily for those new to a vegetarian diet, as well as for those trying to transition out of a poor diet lifestyle of processed and fast food. In addition to every recipe being 5 ingredients or less, the recipes are a 70/30 mix of fresh ingredients and packaged ingredients, which makes this vegetarian cookbook an easy transition for those who do not cook, or are not acclimated to using a lot of fresh vegetarian ingredients. For the more acclimated vegetarian, any of the prepared ingredients can be easily substituted with the fresh equivalent. Many of these recipes include dairy products, so while not vegan, these ingredients can easily be swapped out with vegan substitutions.

With no long list of complicated ingredients or hard to understand cooking preparations, busy moms, college students, working professionals and those who just don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, will find this vegetarian cookbook a great 'go-to' resource in their kitchen.

In this cookbook, you'll find 100 easy to understand, easy to prepare and easy to eat, simple and delicious vegetarian recipes that all only require 5 ingredients or less. You won't be bored, as this large recipe selection is as diverse as your favorite local farmers market. Each chapter is categorized by a particular base vegetarian ingredient, as well as sub-highlighted vegetarian ingredients, making it simple for you to navigate to your favorite categories and vegetarian recipes.

Chapter 1: 5 Ingredients or Less Potato-Based Recipes

Chapter 2: 5 Ingredients or Less Bean-Based Recipes

Chapter 3: 5 Ingredients or Less Spinach and 'Greens'-Based Recipes

Chapter 4: 5 Ingredients or Less Pasta-Based Recipes

Chapter 5: 5 Ingredients or Less Veggie Variety-Based Recipes

Chapter 6: 5 Ingredients or Less Rice-Based Recipes

Chapter 7: 5 Ingredients or Less Fruit-Based Recipes

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February 16
Gina Matthews

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