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We negotiate more frequently than we realize not only in the workplace but also with family, friends and neighbors. Negotiation is like breathing, which we do all the time—although we seldom take the initiative to learn proper breathing techniques. Likewise, we fail to acquire skills for a meaningful and efficient way to negotiate.

Here, in pursuit of developing our skills, we approach the subject from our spiritual core, our authentic self that is conscious of our inner connectedness. In doing so, we are aware that even though terms such as haggling and bargaining are synonymously used with negotiation, they are vastly different.

Enlightened Negotiation introduces a new vocabulary, a new set of practical tools, and an expansive new perspective on the familiar concept of “win-win”negotiations. It draws on basic spiritual principles revered by many wisdom traditions to transcend the competitive or combative model of dispute-resolution and instead tap the natural power of divine potential —the innate desire of the human spirit to connect, communicate, and co-create solutions that move all parties forward and upward as one.

The 8 Spiritual Laws of Negotiation: Trust, Intention, Communication, Strength, Flexibility, Mindfulness, Manifestation and Reflection, provide a new paradigm for the emerging generation of conscious entrepreneurs. It shows how to bridge the worlds of materiality (business, money), governance (personal, family, community), and spirituality (actualization of our authentic self).

The significance of number 8 is that it represents Prosperity. It also represents infinity, continuity, and karma. The effects of negotiation linger well beyond any immediate agreement. 

Enlightened Negotiation fills the void between business, spiritually oriented and research supported methods and is as applicable to family and personal relationships as it is to business and even global conflict situations requiring negotiated resolutions. 

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June 21