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Did you know that there was a lot more you can do with Excel than just manipulating and entering data? Were you looking for a way to learn the different strategies and techniques you can apply in Excel? If you did, you must definitely read this book.

You would have gathered the basic information about Microsoft Excel, and how you can manipulate or format data in Excel. You would have also gathered information on how you can use different statements in Excel to perform repetitive tasks. There is, however, more to Excel that just VBA and formatting of data. You can perform different types of analysis in Excel based on your data. If you have come to learn more about what you can do with Excel, you have come to the right place.

This book sheds some light on the different strategies that you can use in Excel. You will learn more about how to paste data, what types of formatting you can use and how you can use different formulae and graphs to help you understand your data better. Over the course of this book, you will gather information on:

How to add or delete rows and columns in a worksheet

How to identify and remove duplicates in the data set

How to use the Paste Special option in Excel

How to sort data using multiple sort levels

Different functions that one can use in Excel to perform numerous operations

How to use Autofill

Simple mathematical operations that can be performed in Excel

Some shortcuts in Excel

If you are looking at different ways to improve your skills in Excel, Grab a copy of this book NOW.

Computing & Internet
March 7
Kevin Clark

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