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In 21 LESSONS FOR THE XXI CENTURY, its author Yuval Noah Harari reflects on the important problems that humanity will face in the coming years. This book is based on the premise that humanity is entering a little known technological and social territory. Based on years of research, Yuval Noah Harari studies what is the best way for human beings to adapt to the constant changes of this century.

21 LESSONS FOR THE 21st CENTURY It is written with a clear and simple style that is consistent with the call to humility that is made to the reader. Despite this simplicity, Harari also proves to be an authority on various issues of crucial importance to our society, such as technology and wars. Harari's writing is trustworthy, an element that ensures that his statements about the future of humanity are convincing and captivating.

In this text, the reader will find a broad reflection on globalization, technology, cultural conflicts, and climate change, as well as the different ways in which these areas impact on societies. Within its reflections, Harari makes a warning about the worst possible scenarios that will be facing humanity, which is the increase in inequality and the accelerated growth of artificial intelligence.

The aim of the author is not to share his predictions by the simple fact of sharing them, but to search that humanity understands that, in order to stop what is to come, it must act as quickly as possible.

Yuval Noah Harari received his Ph.D. in History from Oxford University and is the best-selling author of SAPIENS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF HUMANITY Y HOMO DEUS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF TOMORROW. In addition, his works have been translated into more than 50 languages and have sold more than 12 million copies.

January 27
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