Gender Swapping the Babysitter (Bisexual Gender Transformation, Feminization‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Even though Luke has been babysitting for the hot scientist Mr. Price for years, he's never had the courage to act on his attraction. At least, not until he accidentally ingests a gender swap solution -- and now Mr. Price can't keep his eyes, or hands, off Luke! As Luke's body transforms into a curvy, busty young woman, can he learn how to use his new body well enough to pleasure the hot older man? Warning: this 8,100 word erotic story contains MtF gender transformation, defloration of brand new girl parts, fingering, oral sex, a titjob, body worship, crossdressing, feminization, and hot gender bending gay sex; adults only!
“You sure this is alright?” He held up the camera. “For scientific evidence.”

“Yeah.” I lay back, running my palm over the damp flesh between my legs. It felt good, really good, and I made a note to properly rub one out (or whatever it’d be called for a girl) later tonight.

Mr. Price positioned himself between my legs, nudging my thighs apart wide. “Great.” There was a flash as he shot the photo. “Can you spread the labia for me?”

I reached down and spread myself between two fingers. “Like this?”

“Yes.” Snap-snap, went his camera twice in quick succession. I spread myself wider, so he could get shots of my nub. Snap.

But having Mr. P. looking at me like this – I started to get nervous and self-conscious. Not just because I was naked, but because…well, I was kind of bicurious and Mr. P. was really hot. And thoughtful, and nice, and a good dad. I started watching his face as he photographed me, for a sign that he might be attracted to my new girl parts.

But the next time Mr. Price needed to reposition me, he didn’t ask, but just reached down to put a hand to me. He didn’t realize what he was doing, until he touched me and then pulled back like touching a hot stove. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” The electric current that had run through me when his warm palm cupped me was great, actually, and I wanted him to do it again. “Here, go ahead.” I lifted my hips to encourage (even entice) him.

So he used his free hand on my sex as he shot his photos, his fingers stroking and prodding the delicate, flinching flesh. And as he did, I felt…swelling? Not like how a hard-on swelled, but a subtle spreading warmth. So I relaxed deeper into his touch.

“Uh, Luke….” Mr. P. drew his hand when, I think, my swollen sex was too much to ignore. And I felt myself getting slick. “What does it feel like?” he asked softly.

I thought. “Warm. Tight. Um,” I stumbled as I dragged my fingers down myself, “wet.”

Mr. Price chuckled. “Yes, that happens,” he said with a laugh, running a fingertip over my swollen lower lips.

But his touch made my hips jerk violently. “God,” I moaned.

Mr. P.’s eyebrows shot up. “It’s okay,” he began. “An involuntary response, Luke, that’s all it is.”

What, he didn’t want to accuse me of being gay? Or being attracted to him? But I was, and my desire was quickly outweighing my shyness. I swallowed. “Don’t stop,” I requested.

Fiction & Literature
17 March
Sofia Bane

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