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Great Scientists

by Krishna Murty Kommmajosyula

There are innumerable motivational books lined up advising us to do this and that, taking cues from the winning sportsman, successful business man and practical politicians. But greatest inspiration comes from the scientists whose real life incidents can manage and motivate us into better worldliness. They stir our intellect, instruct, inspire, and invigorate our lives. They left us with unforgettable, emotional incidents, which educate and entertain. I am fascinated by the live models which throw beacons of motivation apart from their discoveries and inventions.

This book is not those oft-repeated stories of Einstein or Edison poured in a new wine glass but a colorful garland of their inspirational lives.

Here is how Frank Whittle's attitude determined the altitude of his invention - the jet engine. Abdul Kalam;s incidents prove that excellence is not by accident. Newton shows excellence cannot be hidden and the diamond shineseven in dark. In these days of Imagineering, imagination is human important than knowledge. Fourier tells us that great ideas never die. In the complex web of human mind, imagination, endeavour and experience stand out, but do not fall into learned helplessness.

Isidor Rabi's habit of asking questions made him an architect of atomic power and a Nobel laureate. Dreams seem to prefer the scientists who had the disability to be discouraged. Here is how chance favors a prepared mind of Archimedes or Isaac Newton. Never say die with Washington Carver, Logie Baird or Chester Carlson. 'Stay hungry; Stay foolish' with Steve Jobs and make a dent in the universe.

So what? Unique you, if you are passionately curious, here are those aptly titled articles. Not run-of - the-mill motivational sermons, but 33 inspirational articles laced liberally with stimulants from the scientists. Surround yourself with those great minds for a delightful drive through future. Success is intentional. You can make it.

About The Author

From the pen of one of the foremost science writers, this is the fourth book of K Krishna Murty from Pustak Mahal (SPICE IN SCIENCE, EXCITING EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTRONICS, 50 TIMELESS SCIENTISTS).
An international author, with his practical engineering book, "All in one manual of Industrial piping practice and maintenance" publisheed by INDUSTRIAL PRESS, NEW YORK.
Long time hobbyist in electronics, contributes to ELECTRONICS FOR YOU. His lighter science artcles were published in THE INDIAN EXPRESS and in SCINECE REPORTER, an Telugu magazines.
Retired from COROMANDEL INTERNATIONAL LTD., but returned as the head of technical training for their group of companies.
Engineering Consultant for DR. REDDY'S LABS and others.
Continues to broadcast talks on scientific spirit and temperament over ALL INDIA RADIO, Visakhapatnam.

March 24
Pustak Mahal