Hapless Heroes (EBook Edition‪)‬

Publisher Description

Please check out the Deluxe Edit! It contains colored/hidden texts, view points from other characters, and plenty of stuff that had to be edited out to make into an Ebook format. Cheaper too:P
After an operation of their own accord, Spike Frusciante and Joseph Glixor are punished for Spike’s foolish prank against a different guild for mocking them. To Spike’s dismay, his android captain, Priscilla Mokolov, didn’t appreciate the juvenile act. As punishment, he’s entered into a contest where all the guilds compete to see who’s the best.
In preparation, Spike and Joseph go to their Vice-Captain, Shae Strox, to assist them in their training. Shae, Spike, and Joseph participate in a ‘Broadcast Brawl’ in which they all showcase themselves fighting. The Order’s higher-ups loved what they saw, they take an interest in Ms Strox.
Spike’s punishment is to re-fuel a solar station, considering he’s a fire mage it was a simple job. A job that ended up in a duel, and two reports that say a vile Voyager slipped on a banana peel and fell straight into the core of the sun.
Priscilla was stressed by Spike’s actions, resulting in a high number of complaints. Shae finds an intoxicated Priscilla after a long day, then puts the intoxicated captain back on her charger
The following day Joseph and Spike are finishing after a training session, Joseph decides to try and suck up to Priscilla, while Spike goes back to the living quarters. He went to Shae’s room.
Few words are exchanged before they embrace each other, showing that the two have been breaking a prime rule, no operatives can be romantically involved.
Karma instantly kicks in, and the two are sent on a mission to a Casino planet to find a mobster that was spotted on the planet. Spike is captured, beaten, and tortured. Then with zero problems, Shae swoops in and saves Spike, and carry out their mission. Spike ordered a public broadcast, addressing his former boss ‘Bloodwing’ he’s going to kill him.While it should have been a joyous occasion, Priscilla reveals that The Order has their eyes on Shae, no reason given. Spike and Shae are terrified about the news.
Now to show the ugly side of The Order, the bureaucratic nonsense. After a review, Joseph and Priscilla meet up with one of the current Archeons of the Order Marcy.Marcy talks to Priscilla 1-on-1 due to odd behavior she noticed, Priscilla confesses to something that she’d refused to acknowledge openly. There’s an error in her CPY. Her programming had started bugging out, possibly leading to a permanent fatal error.
Things are peaceful for a time, however, when they are on a mission to be the bodyguards of a new pop band, Bloodwing sent an attack force for Shae, Spike, and Joseph to deal with it. Spike directed Shae and Joseph to retreat with the civilians to the escape ship. Spike was in charge of setting the escape ship, but Shae altered his plan. Knowing Spike, Shae went back to help Spike with whatever he was planning.
They make their way to the unit’s boss, where the show reaches its conclusion. Laughing at the game-changer, the boss points to a chest in his room, inside, a bloody Joseph. The boss laughs as he instructs his men to not only kill the captives in the escape pod but themselves too, The last thing he said, ‘This is him saying hello junior’ before shooting himself
When the dust settles after the incident, a very interesting announcement is made. The current greatest Voyager, Captain Lux, was coming to visit Shae. Spike and Shae stay at the base while Priscilla and Joseph have a mission to carry out. After a little socializing, Lux and Shae have a competition. One in which Shae lost.
The sting of defeat doesn’t have time to set in, as Joseph had fallen into a trap, and had precious little time. Spike, Shae, and Lux all rush to the planet to try to save Joseph. With Shae’s help, Spike’s free Joseph. Lux tells Shae that he was instructed to visit by the Elder of The Order, all for one reason… which I won’t spoil.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
22 November
Travis Wolph