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The iPhone changed the world. With an iPhone in your pocket, you have more computing power available to you than NASA did for the moon shot. How much of that are you using?

Learn to get the most from your iPhone from this media-rich book that is sometimes user guide, sometimes opinionated app recommendations, and sometimes iPhone sensei. Built entirely in iBooks Author, this multimedia book includes screenshots, photo galleries, video screencasts, and audio interviews all engineered to make you an iPhone power user. There are over 50 screencasts adding up to over two hours of video instruction, 450 pages, 44 chapters, and over 65,000 words to help you learn how to squeeze every bit of awesomeness from your iPhone. 

The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike with a thoughtful, fun, and systematic approach to iPhone mastery. Moreover, this book is beautifully designed and a joy to read. This is the seventh book in the MacSparky Field Guide series.

Chapter list:

1. Why I Love the iPhone

2. Which iPhone?

3. iPhone Accessories

4. iOS Features

5. Siri and Dictation

6. Making Calls

7. Messages

8. Email

9. Photography

10. Security

11. Cloud Storage

12. Web Browsers

13. Health

14. Contacts

15. Weather

16. Calendars

17. Task Managers

18. Habit Tracking

19. Travel

20. Navigation

21. PDFs

22. Writing

23. Word Processing

24. Everything Buckets

25. Calculators

26. Spreadsheets

27. Document Scanners

28. Mind Mapping

29. Outlining

30. Presentations

31. Automation

32. Home Automation

33. Utilities

34. Social Media

35. News Apps

36. Read Later

37. RSS

38. Reading

39. Watching Video

40. Creating Video

41. Music and Audio

42. Shopping

43. Gaming

44. Apple Watch

Computing & Internet
April 17
Sparky Media, LLC

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