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LEGO The Hobbit in 10 easy steps is a guide to LEGO The Hobbit which is aimed, to a large extent, to the players that start their adventure with the virtual Middle Earth, constructed out of the renowned Danish bricks. This guide presents all of the key issues and relationships concerned in the game. Knowing them, may prove very useful, while completing the successive stages, correct exploration of the elaborate open world, as well as finding collectibles hidden throughout the game, whose multitude exceeds that in the previous games of the Traveller's Tales Studios. The first chapter of this guide revolves around the game's storyline, informs about the way in which you start the successive stages and what the conditions to replay them are. The main focus of the second chapter are all the issues connected with the Middle Earth, which you can explore between completing the individual missions. The third chapter elaborates on the rules of interaction with the environment, which is often hindered, by the necessity of having appropriate characters, or items, with you. In chapter four, there is information on the types of enemies and the whole variety of dangers that await the main characters. The fifth chapter focuses on the topic of cooperation, used to deal with the successive obstruction, along your path across the Middle Earth, and to defeat enemies. The main topic of the sixth chapter are the Studs, which are associated with the Lego series and are the colorful coins that you spend on, e.g. new characters. Chapter seven informs you of the ways to obtain, and the meaning of, the various types of resources. In chapter eight, you can find a list of the most frequent minigames, which occur in the game. Each of these minigames comes with instructions and a number of hints. Chapter nine concentrates on one of the most important elements in the game, i.e. collectibles. From the last, tenth, chapter you will learn what you need to do to complete the game in 100%. In LEGO The Hobbit you get to explore the rich world that is entirely made up of bricks. The plot of the game is based on the world-famous novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as on the movie trilogy by Peter Jackson, and it allows you to take part in the most important events. 

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