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If you aren't a happy individual that is a selection you are making.  You have full control over your lifetime in addition to decisions which you make.  There are numerous factors which people measure happiness.  Many people think money is happiness nonetheless they may absolutely miserable as to what they do every day to produce their money. You might have a look at those who have absolutely everything and you also strive to be like them.  These specific things might be wealth, possessions, status, if not the career you possess at the office.  These exact things don’t create happiness.  Happiness is a selection. There are many people that have wealth and a high status who will be completely miserable.  They could be lonely, divorced and more.  Happiness originates from within.  These people can be working jobs they absolutely hate but just have a knack for making money.  Happiness is  Subjective. There are things in life that can allow you to be happy that are subjective.  They have been subjective because happiness comes differently for all. You will discover joy and happiness seeking thrills through rides like roller coasters and bungee jumping.  This thrill might be a lot more than torture for someone with a fear of heights that would never step foot on a roller coaster or ever be brave adequate to jump from a bridge suspended by a bungee cord. Everyone seeks happiness in their own way.  What makes you happy is an all-natural high that you deserve to find.  There is nothing wrong with all the items that you find joy in.  You might be told you are crazy but that is due to the subjectivity. 

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June 1

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