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This erotic collection includes:

Chastity Revenge
When Lily discovers that the man she has been online friends with, and flirted with, for nearly four years has lied about his true identity, she decides to take her revenge. She knows that he is desperate to keep his submissiveness a secret from his wife, but it's going to be incredibly difficult to, given that Lily decides to lock him up in an indestructible chastity cage. This short story features: BDSM, chastity, femdom, tease and denial.

No Escape
Matthew is finally giving Antonia what she wants. He is going to submit to her in the flesh. Unfortunately, what she doesn't know is that he already has a girlfriend. However, he won't be able to keep this a secret forever, especially since Antonia plans to lock him up in a chastity cage. The question is will he tell her the truth before or after she decides to lock him up? This short story features: BDSM, blackmail, chastity, femdom, tease and denial.

Just Desserts
Terence is a womaniser who has been cheating on his wife, Marianne, with different women for years. It appears that she either doesn't know or doesn't care about her husband's shenanigans. However, Terence soon discovers how wrong his assumption is when he gets involved with an enigmatic beauty called Lucinda. Events soon spiral out of control and it isn't all Lucinda's doing. This short story features: BDSM, chastity, femdom, pegging.

Fiction & Literature
14 September
Isobel Tearle

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