Many Dreams Many Lives

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Publisher Description

“If I had a choice to change something about my past, would I do it differently?” asks thirty-nine-year-old Maya to herself. That’s where it all begins.

An Indian settled in Detroit for the past fifteen years, Maya spends her days balancing a rewarding career and household chores. Her husband Raj and her thirteen-year-old daughter Ruhani mean the world to her but as she nears her fortieth birthday, Maya starts reevaluating the choices she’s made—or hasn’t made—and wonders if she has fulfilled her purpose in life. The dust on her dreams may have settled long ago, suppressing them, but the quest to find them again stirs her future.

When her university reunion comes up, she has a chance to revisit her hometown, family, and old friends. In Mumbai, she meets her college friend, Amit and gets a feeling of déjà vu. Little does she know then that the feeling has something to do with a young, beautiful woman named Madhumita, who had disappeared mysteriously. Drawn to finding out the truth behind this riddle, she uncovers secrets about herself, her close friends and even her family. She revives all her past passions and touches upon repressed memories, only to discover that she has more unfulfilled dreams.

In this emotionally charged account of Maya’s journey, let’s see if she can figure out the answer to the question that haunts us all, “If you get to live your life again, will you do it differently?”

Fiction & Literature
7 March
Notion Press