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In this day and age, issues with two fairly distinct issues present themselves as common dilemmas in the accomplishment of any task. Anyone who invests their time into a personal venture, daily tasks or career will run into these time and resource vacuums, thus needing the need to be more, achieve more, with less!

This book is going to be exploring just that! How to focus on the high yield activities to get more out of life (or business), while maintaining or possibly even reducing the resources needed to getting more results possible!


Perfecting the Discipline of Living the Limited Life
Busy-work Dive-bombing:
Too Much to Know too Soon:
Crucial Aspect Recognition and Identification
Elimination of any Remaining Aspects
Crucial Aspect Recognition & Identification
Effective Boundary Placements
Emphasizing the Value of your Time
Be Proactive in Creating a Productive, Stress Free Life
End the “Butter on Toast” Syndrome in your Life
Determine the Top Priority
What things do I value in this life or career area?
Have I set any goals for myself?
What inspires passion in my life?
What issues hold a position of importance with you?
What has the greatest potential to affect change?
What aspects have will most likely endure?
Do I need it or do I simply want it?
What other tasks can be eliminated without negative repercussions on the future and my goals?
Now that a couple of weeks have passed, what tweaks or big changes do I need to implement to keep simplifying?
Make the Job Easier
Setting your Sights
Focus on the Here & Now
Learn to be a Single-Tasker
Practice New Life Habits
Pinpoint a new habit that will have the most effect on your job or personal life.
Write out your plan of action. What are you going to do in place of what you have been doing? Have a plan of accountability.
Tell anyone who will listen about the habit you are focusing on changing.
Have an accountability partner to report progress or slips to; be honest at all times!
After 30 days, allow yourself to celebrate not only the new habit, but the death of the old one!
Start with the Small Stuff and Slowly Go Bigger
Slow change is longer lasting because it takes root.
It’s easier to set a steady focus.
Small bites guarantee an easy swallow.
One project allows for excitement for the task.
Small habit changes are more controllable.
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