Maximum Trading Gains With Anchored VWAP

The Perfect Combination of Price, Time & Volume

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Publisher Description

Maximum Trading Gains with the Anchored VWAP results from decades of research and application by the author. It builds on Shannon's foundational book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes.

Author Brian Shannon, CMT, explains how to use the Anchored VWAP (AVWAP) to make better entries and exits, to time breakouts and breakdowns, and to set stop losses. Both new and experienced traders and investors will appreciate the book's insights and systematic approach to using AVWAP in a variety of situations including IPOs, support and resistance, market direction, short sales and squeezes, and financial news.

In the author's words, "The AVWAP represents the absolute truth of the relationship between a stock's supply and demand, and is 100% objective." Every chapter includes solid advice on managing risk, which Shannon emphasizes throughout the book, "is Job One." Shannon is a trader's trader who avoids jargon. The book offers over 145 color charts, tables and case studies to set out a definitive framework for understanding the three most important components in the market: price, time, and volume. Readers will learn to work with the market's psychology and their own.

Maximum Trading Gains With Anchored VWAP teaches you:

* Detailed explanations of AVWAP techniques for day traders, swing traders and investors.

* Strategies to identify trade ideas, how to enter the trade just as momentum begins, AVWAP support and resistance levels, how to manage risk, and take profits.

* The psychology of your trade setup and risk management. (Includes examples of failed trade setups and how to handle them).

* Specific strategies for long and short entry and exit of IPOs, short squeeze candidates, breakouts, pullbacks, 4 different types of gaps and more.

* Packed with 140+ full color technical analysis Anchored VWAP charts.

* Gain a better understanding of the cyclical flow of money through assets.

Business & Personal Finance
15 January
Alphatrends Publishing LLC

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