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If ‘My Monster, My Hero’ left you wanting more, then more is what you’re about to get! 

More Passion.

More Romance.

More Courage.

More Laughs.

More Controversy.

Above all else… more scorching hot chapters to leave you weak at the knees. 

Be prepared for ‘My Monster, My Hero, My Secret’ to take over your thoughts. From the first sizzling chapter, right through to the last heart-achingly beautiful sentence; it’s a rollercoaster ride of never-give-up determination and unquestionable devotion which leaves other stories of the genre in its wake. 

At constant war with a failing body, Sophie must come to terms with the reality that her monster is here to stay; continuing to deliver a merciless onslaught of torment which never seems to end. 

Like so many times before, her search for deliverance is aimed at finding medical solutions to ease the suffering, but it’s a futile effort; even the most powerful medications are no match. Using modern medicine against such a persistent and callous villain is like plugging a stab wound with a Band-Aid. Not even the surgeon’s blade is enough to cut Sophie free from her monster’s grasp. Inevitably her path once again leads to Jake for true salvation, only this time even the strength of her hero may not be enough. 

After spending more than a decade trying every strategy to starve off the ever present danger of depression, and giving all she has left to hold onto her ability to be the best wife and mother she can, Sophie uncovers the seemingly magical powers of diversion. What seems like the ‘holy grail’, she begins to rely heavily on her ability stay distracted from her monster’s unrelenting assault to keep her sanity intact; and boy does she find some distractions! 

Pushing the absolute limits of sexual exploration, Sophie feels like she has discovered the perfect diversion but soon realises there’s a price to be paid for such freedom. The seemingly unbreakable bond between Jake and her will be pushed to the edge as they navigate a whole new dimension in their relationship.

Is Sophie prepared to risk it all, living on a knifes edge of lust and carnal pleasure with the potential to change not only her relationship with Jake but the lives of everyone she holds dear, or will she accept her fate and give into to her monster; condemning herself to a living nightmare forever?

January 9
JS Publishing

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