Nail Care Guide For Beginners: The Dos And Don’Ts For Healthy Nails

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Publisher Description

This is a book specifically written to provide an exhaustive explanation of the human nails, nail polish, purpose of nail care, and the importance of polished nails which are essential to having healthy nails. This is a book which offers vital information, guides and processes to achieving healthy nails for both individual and business purposes.

In this book, you will learn:

Nails and different structures/shapes of nails (getting to know your nail is the first step to learning how to care for them and achieving that beautiful healthy nails you desire).

Manicure and Pedicure (different equipment needed to perform manicure and pedicure, various manicure and pedicure products).

Homemade nail polish (how to make your nail polish in the comfort of your home).

Common nail problems and their treatment.

Do it Yourself (DIY) hand and feet care products.

The Dos and DON’Ts for healthy nails.

Best nail polish remover

Some facts about nail polish

The book is not like every other cosmetic book out there in the market. It offers you a step-by-step guide to not just achieving healthy nails, healthy polished nails, but also some homemade and Do it Yourself (DIY) nail care products. It teaches you how to make your nail polish right in the comfort of your home. It provides you with vital information about the best nail polish out there in the market. This book is absolutely important for anybody who desires healthy, glowing, well-polished nails. You should get this book to benefit from the beauty it offers.

Health & Well-Being
2 March
Wade Fenk