Relapse Prevention Practice: A Sobriety Workbook For The First 90 Days

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Many people who struggle with compulsive behaviors such as substance abuse and addiction to behaviors such as gambling, sex, and overeating want to stop using, but they have lost control of how and when they use. Relapse Prevention Practice is a system that helps them prevent relapse long term so that they can move forward with their life with courage and total fulfilment.

Are you in trying to prevent relapse? Here is a practical recovery workbook that will help you to promote your recovery and avoid relapse. This is a practical relapse prevention therapy workbook. A mindfulness recovery workbook. Relapse is not inevitable and even if it does happen, there is hope because you can do something about it. Some call this book a relapse prevention therapy workbook or a mindfulness based cognitive therapy book.
This relapse prevention practice uses a simple strategy that will help you to develop a specific plan of action and be aware of your high relapse risk situations. If you are going through relapse prevention therapy, relapse prevention counseling or addiction counseling, this workbook has daily practical exercises that can be used in group counseling or individual setting.
You will learn gain new coping skills used cognitive behavioral therapy for staying sober and for relapse prevention. This Relapse Prevention Practice Workbook is designed for people in recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction who have a history of relapse, or fear they might relapse. This is a simple workbook for addiction recovery, a guide to coping with triggers that lead back to addictive behaviors.
This book will lead you to: Freedom from your addictions, a new approach to addiction and recovery, a strategy to help you to overcome addiction; and a guide for relapse prevention.
If you are going through cognitive behavioral therapy, this workbook will be your guide to staying sober. Use it as a relapse prevention therapy workbook for addiction counseling and addiction recovery. Although this workbook was designed to help men and women who are in their first quarter or first 90 days of their first year of recovery from substance abuse and other compulsive lifestyles who have a desire to prevent relapse in their lives, it will work for you no matter what phase of addiction recovery you are in. If you relapsed last time, here is the antidote for preventing relapse and promoting you addiction recovery. Relapse Prevention Practice: A Sobriety Workbook for the First 90 Days. For those in recovery, it will be the perfect addiction recovery gift.
Please note: This book is part of the Relapse Prevention Practice Sequential. All the books in this sequential have basically the same text, provided for your convenience, to ease your transition from one 90 day phase to another. The sequential is as follows:
Relapse Prevention Practice: A Sobriety Workbook for the first 90 Days
Relapse Prevention Practice: The Second Quarter Sobriety Workbook
Relapse Prevention Practice: The Third Quarter Sobriety workbook
Relapse Prevention Practice: The Forth Quarter Sobriety Workbook

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